Friday, October 17, 2008

chemical hazard?

In today's lecture:

"Dihydrogen monoxide causes severe burns in gaseous form, and the solid form causes tissue damage in human. It is found to be excessive in tumor cells"

So do u think Dihydrogen monoxide should be banned or tightly regulated?

Give your opinion before you scroll down...

So what's Dihydrogen monoxide? WATER, lah! H2O...

Now replace the term with water and it'll all make complete sense.

Interesting how the choice of word can give such a different perception :)


h0cmun said...

ahahaha. i still don't get it even after replacing the word. :P
i'm just not a chemistry person la.
i'm a physics man! hohohoh

Kaun said...

lame la.. xD

~ivy~ said...

haha... water = H2O, thus dihydrogen monoxide bcos di = 2, mono = 1. okie?

gosh i'm giving chemistry lesson here :P

SimianD said...

I remember seeing this in an e-mail several years ago. It got me then, and I remember pulling a fast one on several friends.

Shows just how our chemical knowledge isn't really in sync with our practical day-to-day thinking.