Saturday, August 16, 2008

On my shelf left...

One pack of grape juice. One pack of Maggi Mee. One toilet roll. One pair of contact lens. Finishing multi-purpose solution. Finishing facial cream. Finishing body spray. few sanitary pads. Finishing dishwashing paste. Spoiled water bottle.

It's funny that so many of my daily essentials are finishing at the same time. Not to mention those which are out of stock! It's significant especially i've reached the mid-sem break.

Maybe, just maybe, it's a sign that i shall start my second half of my semester fresh anew. First half has been great! =) But there are things that are better not to be brought over. Depressions, frusfrations, negative feelings, rebellions against God. No more! No more!

and i think those leftover are meant to sustain me before i can do my grocery :P

1 comment:

Marcus said...

In the end, there's only one freetard answer to this whole mess. Free yourselves from the shackles of sanity.