Thursday, June 11, 2009

Penang No Plastic Day

The food seller in the state official event used polystrene!!! This was a month before the announcement that every Monday is gonna be the No-Plastic day for Penang starting from July onwards. Ignorance of organising commitee? miscommunication? I'm not sure.

Nevertheless, i was very thrilled to receive the news and take pride that Penang is the first State to get down to its feet to pay responsibility to care for OUR environment. Of course, more need to be done and it shouldn't just stop at plastics, and Mondays. However, ultimately it is the mindset of the people that has to be changed. Man has done much harm to the earth therefore if we do not start 'repenting' and be environment-conscious, we're only paving the path to our own death. As the CM has pointed out, reducing usage of plastics are hoped to reduce the State's expenditure on solid waste management. Thus, it is not just of ecological interest but also of economic interest. So my dear economists (economists-to-be), stop calling us (the science students) freak! :P

The Press Statement of the CM

and for UMers, if you claimed that you are studying in the premier university of Malaysia (and have felt unhappy on the election of USM as ApexU), time to consider ways to make your campus a true UMcare campus. Let me humbly brief you on the situation in 12th College. Since then it has worsened to even the usage of polystrene plates AND cups for dining in. This is ridiculous.

I admit that I feel tempted to use polystrene from time to time. Admitedly, it is not convenient to bring own container around, and it is hard (still) to find stalls that don't pack in polystrene. I've also tried very hard in reducing in air-con usage especially in this exceptionally hot season. Yet, let us learn, and relearn, along the way, together.


Masato said...

Actually right, for private firms (which includes hawker centers, food stalls), waste management is actually an external cost, which they don't really care about and best avoided for them. The implementation of 'No Plastic Day' will in fact increase their cost, since now they have to seek for under less-convenient alternatives. lol. But of course, for the sake of the environment I think it's a good move.

~ivy~ said...

I believe, that the aim is not to find an 'alternative' product, but to promote an 'alternative' lifestyles. Why do we use plastics when we don't need it? Sometimes it's just for the sake of it, sometimes it is our 'kiasu' attitude that think that we deserved the plastic bags. I agree that turning to paper-based products is not the way out in a long run. It is the mindset that has to be challenged, the lifestyles that needs to be changed. Humankind has chosen the easy way out. That is why we travel privately despite pollution, use cellphones despite the radiation, and use 'disposables'without thinking twice. I'm not saying this in extreme sense, but as we are heading into becoming a 'developed' country, we should pause from time to time to examine what we really mean by it.

Masato said...

Sorry typo in previous post, "seek for *other less-convenient alternatives".

I heard there's bio-degradable plastics made from corn. Perhaps they will try to lower the production cost of that in the future. Hopefully one day we'll use that instead of our current plastic bags.

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