Monday, November 12, 2007

About Polystrene...

Let's do some calculation..

There's 2000 customers in a cafe, assumed that half of the number (1000) order takeaway, and every stall in the cafe use polystrene container for takeaway. How many polystrene container are consumed in a day, if each of the customers visit the cafe for both lunch and dinner?

The answer is: 1000 X 2 = 2000!!!

and this is a real life case that happened in my college! 2000 polystrene container a day! Especially now is exam time and most ppl 'bungkus' to their room!

recently I just had this 'gang ho' idea, that instead of using so many polystrene containers, which is so not environmentally friendly and seeing the rubbish bin piling up so fast everyday(and the smell is bad!), why don't each of us take our lunchboxes down and get our food?

Of course i know, that means we have to wash our lunchboxes everyday, but just a little sacrifice from everyone can make such a big difference! Furthermore, using polystrene to contain your food is not good for your health either.

Ever since the idea came to my mind, I did take my lunchbox down to get my food. But it isn't easy la... u know ppl will look at u like some sorts of weirdo... But if everyone does it, then it's not weird anymore rite?

As far as i know, S'pore banned it's usage, rite? and many western countries don't use plastic bags for groceries. How can, that we Malaysians r not doing anything abt it?

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