Monday, November 12, 2007

9 Nov 2007

So it was my 20th birthday.

To tell the truth, I was quite touched la. I thought nobody will remember my birthday, and that I would have to celebrate alone as even my roommate went back for a family gathering. And I thought that even if nobody wishes me I would not blame anyone because I found myself guilty for not putting effort in remembering ppl's birthday.

But I was surprised that many remembered! and I really appreciate my camp cam brothers and sister coming all the way from UPM to celebrate with me, not forgetting my CF members that belanja me Chili's and hung out with me so long despite coming exams. Thanks you so much! (and many funny things happened in between, but I shall reserve it for next entry together with the pictures!)

and finally thank you God, for being so gracious to me. And I shall repent and start doing something more concrete in remembering others' birthdays.. and to show my care:)

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