Friday, September 12, 2008

Small things in life to thank God

Landslide occurred at Pusat Asasi Sains, UM due to the recent heavy rains, blocking my daily route, which is a shortcut, to lectures!

I complained and complained cos now i need to take a longer route to class (which mean waking up earlier and reaching class being more tiresome). However, my mum shows a motherly relief when she knows that i'm safe from it. She said i should be thankful to God that i wasn't on the road when it happened.

I think she makes a good point! I haven't thought of that before this. I could have been in great danger if i was there that day. Yet, i just keep on complaining about the loss of comfort, forgetting to thank God for protecting me from the harm. Shame shame!

A reminder for me to be thankful always.

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