Sunday, June 14, 2009


Mark the completion of my first week as an MP intern. :)

As some of you might have known, i am currently attached to MP Bukit Bendera Office as an intern, thanks to the attachment programme anchored by PJ Utara MP Tony Pua, and Rachel who told me about it.

Why? First of course I believe that this would be an invaluable experience in life, if not a great opportunity to learn and explore the political arena of the country. I wanted to come out from my shell, in which I criticize about injustice and bad governance, and get a feel on the real ground.

It started off with a 'Penang Outlook Forum' which aimed to offer a new blueprint for the state development. I then attended a workshop on Gender Equality, a talk on media freedom, a meeting on housing development, and two dinners. The highlight of the week would be the welcoming of Singapore Minister Mentor, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It earned me a ticket to go in the the CM's office together with the press. Too bad the day was photographically quite unsuccessful, but I guess I was fortunate enough! :P

Basically I followed my 'tauke', YB Liew Chin Tong around. It was first quite frightening at first to be in the presence of the many big shots, but slowly I learnt to confidently approach them and humbly learn from them (when chances arise), at the same time respecting their wisdom and experience. The rest of the time, in fact most of the time, I helped out in the service center. There were many issues involving a wide range of people, from the old to the young, the educated to the uneducated, the reasonable, to the unreasonable. It definitely a different kind of office work. Well, that's politic for you :)

Whether I would get involve in politic in the future, it is still uncertain. My underlined principle for my future undertaking is simple: I want to make the world a better place, and I do acknowledge the influence a leader has on the people, how the use (or misuse) of power can affect the lives of many. Yet, ultimately the GOD factor has to be considered to determine which path to choose.

The fact that I come a science background generated a lot of curiosity in the people i meet. Once Carol, the Chief of Staff of YB Liew, cheekily helped me to answer: She wants change! and I responded jokingly: for myself, or for the country?

Both, maybe.


Today is also my first Sabbath after the attachment. I intentionally kept in rather 'apolitical'. As I was feeling a little empty inside and wonder what is lacking, I decided to turn on some music and do some strecthing, something that I haven't been doing for a long time. Ah, it filled the holes in this soul!

And tomorrow would be a new week. Hope it would get more and more wonderful!


Gou Rean said...


next time if i want apply apa-apa or want to get any construction project ...i can contact u ady....byw, which parliament is ur future target?....YB Ivy...kekekeke

~ivy~ said...

Gou Rean:
LOL. Well YB can be Yang Berkhidmat, Yang Bahagia or Yang Bijak/Bodoh. Haha.

As i said, it's still too early to say anything. I'm just here to learn and explore.

Masato said...

Hey, I agree with you that it is a great programme. But I think the political field is too dirty nowadays. So be careful should you plan to tread upon this political path. lol.

Hui Jen said...

hey ai wei..
wahh keng

:D great to hear from you:D

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