Tuesday, September 30, 2008


mum always says no frens should be trusted with secrets. i believed her.

untill my mindset was challenged by a christian session on relationships. It said friendships is about opening up and letting yourself to be vulnerable.

So, there was this once i told her (and her and her) about him. She told him, and came back to me with the facts about him that i didn't need to know. I was angry. We didn't talk much after that. Much later i found out that he was angry too.

He told me about the thing i knew long ago but chose to ignore. He was smart to realize the thing between us. I didn't know what to do, so i told him. I trusted him. Within two days he told her. and she told me that he told her about me and him.

I gave friendships another try. I want to enjoy it like i never do.

I thought i need to be accountable so that i won't do the wrong things.

I thought i shouldn't keep things to myself because the fact is that i can't do that and still stay sane.


Y men just can't contain secrets?


Jud said...

Hey, i can relate to ur sentiments of friendship... i do find it hard to trust ppl too, esp. when they screw u over with wat u have entrusted them with... but ive found some really good friends whom i have been able to be accountable and trust myself with... took time to discover, and find such ppl - few good ppl exist these days.. but do pray, and ill pray for u too, that God will provide the right community for u to live in...

林庄生 said...

Parental wisdom is there not for nothing... I think what your mother said have some degree of truth inside... Let me add in this way, "You should never entrust your friend with your secrets, unless you are very certain that he / she can help you to keep that secret that you are ready to tell."

Just concerning here, hope I don't get labeled as "Keh Poh".

God Bless.

Kaun said...

is that a pun at the end? Y men can't keep secrets as in the last chromosome is xY? xD

~ivy~ said...

kaun! it's so lame that i think i should laugh :P