Saturday, June 21, 2008

The seaweed of LIFE

Check this out! I found it in the hypermarket.

Can't see it? Zoom in...

Though i never taken any Japanese class but i'm pretty sure that i understand this. It says, 'Jesus is the Lord of lords, King of kings'

Isn't it real cool? Evangelism on a seaweed package!!! That's why my family and i got so excited over it and don't mind paying an extra RM1 for that packaging since we thought that it's a rare event.

We were hypothesizing that it could be a fund raising programme for church/christian organization. If not then maybe the boss is a devoted christian who is passionate about evangelism. Hehehe. If not how do u relate this to a packet of seaweed?

So, people, grab the seaweed and eat it for yourself. And remember that Jesus is the Lord of lords, King of kings. He created those seaweeds anyway. :) For those christian out there, it's a reminder that the sharing of your faith can be anywhere, anyhow.


Anonymous said...

Hey this is INTERESTING! Hope I can get it somewhere here in PJ la..

Jia Hua

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.