Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Teaser@work - I was fooled by a fool

Yesterday there was an Indian man who came to our counter and waves at me from the outside, totally ignoring the presence of the attendent at the counter. So he asks, r u the lab assistant? I answered with all courtesy that i'm just the trainee and that i can get him a permanent staff for assistance. He said it's fine, and start asking all sorts of question like how to get the sputum, how the doctor do the biopsy, yada yada... And no matter how hard i tried, he's just not satisfied and gave out the tone as if you're a shame for being so lack of knowledge.

So i called the permanent staff since i can't handle him. But her fate is almost the same as mine. Finally we decided that he has been demanding and ridiculous, so left him and went in to the lab again.

As we complains to each other(with much frustration) about how unreasonable and impolite he was, the pak cik attendent came in and told us that the man is a patient's of the clinic next door. He knew it from the start.

complains continue.


I was somehow prompted and ask the pak cik,
'Di sebelah tu klinik apa?'

Pak cik: 'oh, klinik psikiatrik lah'

The staff and i *stoned*

Omg, he looked so normal and spoke fluent english, even with medical terms!

Anyway, it became the source of laughter in the lab for the rest of the day. Esp when Pak cik cheekily imitates him, 'r u the lab assistant?'.


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林庄生 Johnson Lim said...

This one is a classic one... Thanks for sharing it anyway... God bless...