Monday, December 8, 2008

The random bible-flipping method

When i was a young christian i used to like flipping bible randomly for scriptures to ask from 'sign' from God. Yes, it's dangerous so DO NOT imitate :) Some of u might have even heard the story a man who did that to seek God's will and found the verse 'So Judas went out and hang himself'. In his bewilderment he seek for a confirmation, and he found the verse 'whatever you ought to do, do it quickly' :D

The thing is that God does not ALWAYS work by miracles and wonders, but in fact most of the time through circumstances and people. Yet oddly enough, this flipping method seems to work well for me recently. Was finding my way to Corinthians when i was shown Isaiah 30: 15-17

'The holy LORD GOD of Israel had told all of you, "I will keep you safe if you turn back to me and calm down. I will make you strong if you quietly trust me." Then you stubbornly said, "No! We will saely escape on speedy horses." But those who chase you will be even faster. As few as five of them, or even one, will be enough to chase a thousand of you. Finally, all that will be left will be a few survivors as lonely as a flagpole on a barren hill.'

I was certainly blessed by it. A few days later, (again finding my ways to Corinthians i think) i was shown Jeremiah 17:5-11

'I, the LORD, have put a curse on those who turn from me and trust in human strength. They will dry up like a bush in salty desert soil, where nothing can grow, But I will bless those who trust me. They will be like trees growing beside a stream - trees with roots that reach down to the water, and with leaves that are always green. They bear fruit every year and are never worried by alack of rain. You people of Judah are so deceitful that you even fool yourselves, and you can't change. But i know your deeds and your thoughts, and I will make sure you get what you deserve. You cheated others, but everything you gained will fly away, like birds hatched from stolen eggs, Then you will discover what fools you are.'

What strikes me most is that my bible version, the contemporary english version, had the subtitles 'trust the LORD' for both the passages. God is speaking. What a great reminder!


The Hedonese said...

nothing beats the spiritual meaning of the biblical text in its original context and applied relevantly today :)

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