Thursday, July 16, 2009

Political secretary found dead

Today's lastest headlines: Sri Kembangan Assemblymen's political secretary dead at MACC

The news is not much different from the many recent chains of political scandals, only thing is that this time, someone's LIFE is involved.

It's still uncertain why is this happening. Does he committed suicide due to some unspeakable reason? Or is this another dark plot that we the commoner can only imagine through what the dramas potray?

I admit that my daily work emotion has been shaken albeit. It doesn't really concern me, after all my current given task now is none other than to set up a contact database for the team. Yet it DOES concern me, not just as a DAP employee but more importantly a Rakyat Malaysia.

It makes one wonder, how dirty can politics get? It makes me wonder, how does one continue the fight for a better Malaysia in such corrupted environment?

I was asked this morning whether the recent scandals are true. Yet, who can know the truth? Who can understand the truth? Who can be sure, that what he thinks is truth, is really true?

Guess only by the discretion from Above. And may we find strength in fighting for what we believe in.


Masato said...

There's many versions of the story, but I was there at around 7.30p.m. onwards if you need any info.

One thing though, will a reasonable man commit suicide today if he is to register for marriage the next day?

And, according to current info, he is released at 3am+ but chose to rest in MACC after he's released instead of going home? And what has happened after that and before he died?

SimianD said...

Only One knows the heart beyond its deception.

As you continue to fight for what you believe is true, may you remain true to Him and to your heart.

Be a light within DAP, in Bukit Bendera, in Penang, in our country.

All the best!

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