Thursday, June 5, 2008

One pint of blood

I'm posted at the blood bank for this week. Since i don't have much to do in the lab anyway, i went to donate blood with my trainee-colleague today :)

Wasn't really in for blood donating untill i'm in this lab and learnt about the qualification of a donor. You can't donate blood if:
- under 18 years old
- under weight (<45kg)
- on drugs/medication
- got HIV/Hepatitis B/C/syphillis/malaria
- have high blood pressure
- stayed in Europe for more than 6 months after 1980 (in fear of mad cow disease)
- have autoimmune disease
- your hemoglobin level is not high enough

If you are healthy enough to donate blood, you are blessed. So, appreciate the privilege to be able to give! Just one pint of blood from each of us and that would be make a big difference in saving so many lives.

p/s: Penang General Hospital's blood bank is currently low, so come forward if you can! :)

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