Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Other than moives...

Rite, i did do other stuff besides watching movies :) My time back here in Penang is mainly spent in Penang General Hospital as i'm doing my industrial training in the Pathology Lab. It gets boring at times, as people won't just take the initiative to get you involved. In fact, they rather u don’t as u might just make a mess out of everything and take longer time. So, you gotta withstand a few cold shoulders and be 'thick face' to ask around and request for try-out. Nevertheless, things are going fine and i've learnt quite a lot of stuff. Last week i was in a Cytology Lab where they do Pap Smear and other various test to diagnose for cell abnormality e.g. cancer. This week i'm in the Outpatient Department which serves the outpatients with blood, urine and stool samples testing. It is one of the few labs that involves interaction with patients, which, seems to be more like my type of job. However, it can get scary sometimes when dealing with the patients especially in information-giving as i am so new and still blur about how things work there.

Besides that, I spent a lot of times with my family. Moments that i don't know how describe with words and i didn't capture with camera (hmm.. maybe i should do sthg abt that... but my family members are so camera-shy and my camera is currently broke down!), moments that seems so simple yet so unforgettable and treasured. How we raced in Esplanade fields (the place that not many young people and Chinese hang out anymore), how I being ignorable of my age and the rules & regulations, played in the playground with the kids (whom my mum have been taking care of) :P, the walk we took down the Penang road and checking out LineClear Nasi Kandar, and many talks we had in cars and the excitements of the visitations of our favorite makan places :)

Also, i have a music project for myself to work on :P For a start, i'm working on Schaumann's Reveries (wonderful piece of music, but quite tackling though seemed easy) & Invention No. 8 of J.S. Bach :)

And i'm going to a dance workshop!

Though it's going to cause a pain in my pocket*ouch* Though i'm intending to self-fund, i still seek permission from my mum, mum says i can go for it as long as i think it's worth it. I can't be sure for now and struggled for the decision, but i guess every investment bear a risk..? One will never know :) and i would certainly choose it upon hair rebonding which will cost me the same amount of money.


SimianD said...

Enjoy the dance workshop!

I'm sure it'll be worth a lot more than the rebonding. ;-)

百合博客 said...

hi, 很高兴在Lapar Lab workshop

keep in touch yah.