Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Recently i've manage to catch quite a few movies. None of them are new release, but that's what happen when u lead a kinda out-of-the-world lifestyle and get yourself so busy with so many other things for a couple of months :) So, it is also a payback reward for myself :P

1. Chicago

i watched Chicago after my exam the day before i head back to Penang. Musically, i love every bits of it! It was such a fantastic musical movie, every scene perfectly present, every songs perfectly fit into the storyline! Man, that's what u call a real musical! The cell block tango, which the link will lead u to, is even nicer in my opinion than i've imagine when suit lin told me abt that. Salute to Chatherine Zeta Jones, and Queen Latifah is awesome as ever :)

It was artistically speaking. On the other hand i was quite troubled by the message of the story. Evil ways are used to archieve one's goal and personal agenda, and it seems that the dark side had the victory. For example, that Hungarian girl in the cell, who is the only innocent one among them, was found guilty while Roxie Hart was set free AND archieved her dream. It's true that it IS what happen in this world where injustice prevails, but the movie seemingly shown that these are the right thing to do. So, based on that, i won't recommend this movie to kids. what kind of value system will they form for themselves after watching it?

2. CJ7

Ah! That creature is SOooooo adorable! I have to say that i'm no Stphen Chow fan at all. Most of his jokes in the other movies (and still some in this), are too lame for me to accept. Yet, i found this one really heart-warming and touching. One scene that i found quite hilarous is the cockcroach slamming part, and the idea that they do it for game. It's disgustingly creative :) As for Xu Jiao, i think she did well as a young actress, especially as she's assuming a role as a boy (though i think it is not good for her growth as a kid in real life). But, as i said i'm not a Stephen Chow fan, i don't really appreciate her performance as i can see so much of Stephen Chow in her. But it's ok la, she'll still has many fans out there.

I have to mention the part when 'zhat chai'resurrect the father by sacrificing itself. Many might take this as absurd and lame (as i would if i weren't believer in God), i think it leave a good question to the audience, who said that it is not possible? How sure r u that there is no such thing as supernatural power? and i hope that my relatives who despise the idea of the existence of God and fans of Stephen Chow at the same time would realize it and give thoughts to it.

3. The Kite Runner

I strongly recommend this! It is a story about two friends who forego their childhood friendship because of misunderstanding and betrayal, and a man that risk his life and do all he can to redeeem the mistake he has done, after he realized how much he has lost. All by the saying 'There is a way to be good again'. The story is set in an Afghanistan background. The politic shifts from democratic to the Soviet Invasion to the Taliban government as the story develop, it would be interesting if u love histories.

Also, i certainly enjoy seeing those colorful kits flying in the blue, cloudy sky. It is quite a view. I'm quite amazed by the way it is recorded.

4. Dr. Seuss's Horton hears a Who!

I guess i don't need to say much abt this well-known cartoon which was quite a hit when it was released. To me, it really enhanced my spiritual faith and walk with God. The fact that we don't see it doesn't prove that it doesn't exist. As i see the way Horton's hold on to what he believe despite persecution and the mayor's tiredless attempts to tell his people the truth that he has found, i am embarrassed for my little faith and times when i behave not like a child of God.

Well, who say cartoons are superficial? Who say movies are merely for entertainment? :P

5. Dr. Dolittle 3

I think it's simple and nice. A simple storyline and a simple yet impactful message.

p/s: Above are all personal views. Don't shoot me if u don't agree :P

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