Saturday, May 2, 2009

Post exam spree!!! Part 1

The torturing exam week is finally over! Whatmore, it was my final exam of my whole university life! In fact, unless i take up a master degree by coursework, that would probably be the last exam in my life!

I thanked God that this semester Microbiology paper ended unusually early. This semester has been an crazily busy one for me. So much so that i've lose touch with many friends. So, instead of flying home directly after exam like in the past, i've long planned to stay back in KL, hoping 'redeem' some of the 'regrets' of this semester.

My chance come just a day after exam when my coursemates ajak to go waterfalling at Sg Gabai.

Thanks to Sharazmie and Amir, nine of us manage to reached there safely by a rather comfortable car ride.

It was noon time when we reached. After the malay friends finished their prayer, we helped ourselves with the everyone's all time favorite --KFC which Amir had picked up along the way.

Then the real journey starts. The waterfall is situated at a much higher ground, so there were quite some stairs awaiting us to 'conquer'.

The scene at the waterfall was refreshing! Within a few minutes, everyone is down in the water except Mastura who volunteered to keep guard of our belongings. The ground beneath the water was rather rocky :that was Ros and Hui Yen helping each other to reach the middle of the fall. Mariam, fondly known as Mayo, threw the ball in the air the moment i snap. I'm glad that i was able to capture this before she ran out of my frame excitedly :P.

Amir spent a good deal of time playing prank on the girls. The picture is the evidence! haha. Poor Mayo being dragged into the water.

We all had fun.

At the waterfall there's a part where the rocks are so smooth that u can slide down from a higher to a lower pool. Nature is amazing!

I wonder, of the natural observations that are around us, which are by the doing of the hand of God,

and which are by the intervention of the hand of men?

(fitri and amir are really good in this vertical rock arranging!)

As we are on our way home, we dropped by a hotspring behind a religious school. It is said that the water is good for the skin, and we all gave it a try! :)

The 'hot' legs after the soaking.

We ended our trip by visiting the look-out point which provide a good view of KL. I liked this picture very much, for i think it captures the characteristics of each person: Hui Yen with her chubby 'V' pose, Amir with the ever cheeky look, Mastura and Mayo who are full of expression and energy, mak ros who often the more careful and 'disciplined' in the group adjusting her tudung, Shahlan looking cool and calm, Fitri looking carefree, and Mie with his 'attempt' to berlagak.

Thanks for the wonderful trip, frens!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

de last photo..
if taking backlight(ie light coming from behind ur object), use flash.. it'd look nicer.. hehe

from guanghan

~ivy~ said...

guanghan: haha, ya i know. It was a mistake :P

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