Thursday, July 10, 2008

Everyone wish for a new start in the beginning of the new semester

First week of the new semester.

The first thought that i had in mind when i was heading back to UM was, urgh, same things are gonna start over again. Yea, i'm back to my life as a student here (i always feel that i'm living two different lives, one in Penang and one in KL), back to my modest life here without air-conditioned room, free access of internet, ever ready car for my use and etc.

Yet, there are also things that are different from last semester, and one of the biggest difference, the one that i can't stop it from happening, is that i'm already in my final year.

That i'm graduating soon.

That i have to and i'll be doing my thesis.

That i need to packed my timetable up in order to graduate in time.

And here am i still asking why i am where i am.

And whether i have other choice.

Finding the destiny of my future.

Trying so hard to figure out who i am for real.

Waiting for God's answer for all the questions that i've thrown to Him.

Doubting if i can make it through.

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