Friday, June 10, 2011

My other writings: SERI, New Mandala, The Malaysian Insider, LoyarBurok

In between my time I also write briefly on a freelance basis. I self-initiated to write one on campus election as it was an issue too close to my heart for me not to write. I sent it to the Malaysian Insider and it was picked up! It was the first time my article got accepted by such prominent national media (well, except for those statements i drafted in my ex-boss' name la) and I was totally thrilled.

My friend invited me to write for an Australian-based website which focusses on southeast asia called New Mandala. It was indeed an honour to me as the website receives some international readership. Unfortunately I didn't sustain well with this as I stopped after the first one, similarly with The Malaysian Insider.

Upon arrival in KL I discovered a community blog (sorry it's Blawg as they called it) called LoyarBurok. I didn't know about them when I was in Penang and apparently they are doing very actively well! Made up mainly by lawyers, they also include social activists, students, and journalists. I wrote twice for them.

In fact, prior to this I actually was writing for the Penang Economic Monthly, a subsidiary production of SERI, my ex-working place which is a semi-state government think tank. I started off writing for it with absolutely no clue about writing an article - i'm lucky to get editors who are so tolerant and kind in 'endorsing' my experiments - the articles are somewhat heavily edited. To kick it off, I started by interviewing interesting peoples or organisations in Penang (I've since write in a different fashion these days, perhaps I should try the interview approach again one of these days.). I wrote three for them (plus one more recently after I left the job) and one of them, to my pleasnat surprise, was used as an cover issue of the month. That meant a lot to a new writer like me and it kept me going.

I'll certainly try to write more and hopefully, more regularly and more diversely. Keep the ball rolling!


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