Friday, November 21, 2008

a friend blogged about a picture that i took.

feel that he has exaggerated the compliment la... but still feel very happy... hehe.


SimianD said...

I feel he has exaggerated it too. You have taken many great pictures, much better than the one on his blog, heheh...

I guess when you are so good at something, everything you do is worthy of a compliment. Like every word of a great poet, or every brushstroke of a great artist.

Perhaps you are reaching that level where every photo you snap is a masterpiece.


(p.s. I left a comment on his blog.)

~ivy~ said...
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~ivy~ said...

SimianD: U've just exaggerated his exaggeration ;P

but i do hope that one day i can reach the 'level' u're talking abt :)

guang said...

exaggerated ma?
but u r happy too rite?

tats de point. u happy i happy evy1 happy lo!xixi