Wednesday, December 26, 2007

complication and frustration

someTimes, life don't seems to have a purpose anymore.
someTimes, my future seems to be so hopeless.
someTimes, it feels like u want to vomit but couldn't,
So many things in yr mind that u don't even know where to start
but someTimes, it feels that it is really empty inside
i hope that some1 can understands my situation
but someTimes it feels stupid to expose yrself to the world,
esp thru an uncertain cyber community
i feel very superficial blogging just abt my daily stuffs, like how happy i am when i got a new dress...yada yada
but i hate my blog to be filled with my negative feelings, seems to other like begging for mercy
and i'm afraid to comment on big stuffs, becos i'm afraid of ppl's criticism,
and i compare my blog with other's.
Besides, posting videos and pictures are taking too much time!

i'm so complicated.

first i stop composing songs, then i stop writing diary, now i stop blogging
i'm not recording, nor i creating!!!

i'm frusfrated.

Who should i tell all these to?
God? Does He care? Why doesn't He respond?
Family or Friends? Will they understand? Ultimately, I'll just add burden to those who care and irritate those who don't.


Suit Lin said...

For those who do care enough, the burden is a joy to carry. :)

jiahui said...

hey, buddy buddy...

Kinda understand that kind of frustration.

Take care. I will see you soon!