Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Trying to look 'Spacey"

My church Kid's Fun Camp is having a most spacey looking hat competition! As a helper, of course we have to support the competition all the more and create some atmosphere rite... But I was so out of idea and lack of resources! Don't have any decorative items nor aluminium foil. I don't even have a cap with me and have to borrow from friend... Thank God that I do have a little bit of wisdom and manage to come out with something with my very very very limted materials...
I found my hair net and some nice looking threads which I used during my dance competition last semester. So i decided to use it and make it something like the orbit. Then, I drew some stars and planets and colour it with highlighter(i don't have color pencil anyway) as to make it bright and eye-capturing. That was me Cam-whoring half way as I take a rest.

My final product! Isn't it nice?!

In fact i think it is quite nice :P but i didn't win anyway. But it's fine. hehe.

Tmr is most spacey looking shoes! ahh... 'steal' some polystyerene and straw for the canteen. let's see what can be done with it tonight!

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