Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Malaysian's Malaysia

The first day of lecture after election:
"I didn't know that Malaysians can actually think" -Lecturer C

"PAS won over Kedah! Hooray! ... erm... I was just kidding (me thinking: yea rite...) " - Lecturer H

The atmosphere of the class was definitely different that day. The break which should be used to study for the test in the afternoon is used for political chats instead.. Many surely had enjoyed an exciting moment last night, while some lecturers just can't help themselves but share their 'opinion's throughout the lecture.

Sure enough, the election result was a big shock for many of us Malaysians. Whatmore, this time it is my hometown that appeared in many of the front page news. Gerakan, which had been having Penang as their stonghold, was totally denied by Penangites of the state government seats. The vision of the opposition to deny two-thirds of BN parlimentary seats, which seemed to be impossible, had came to past after all.

What a historical moment. Like many Malaysians, I believed that the change is good. It is time for Malaysia, both the people and the Government to get up from our complacency. I'm glad that Malaysians actually hope for something new to happen in our own country. Something for better.

Perhaps the best response on post election i heard and challenged to give is from my pastor, Dr Chew. I totally agreed with him that after all the prayers we uttered for the election, this is not a time to say 'enough!', but a time to pray even more fervently, because it is not the end, but the beginning. The beginning of a new Malaysia. Particularly as a concerned Christian in this country, shouldn't we ask what's God's agenda for our country? The end point of a revival in a place is not our own prosperity, nor the salvation of the nation, but the revelation of God's Glory. We always sing 'Break our hearts for what break Yours', but what's God's heart for? God's heart is for the Unsaved, Unreached and Unwanted.

While some of us are complaining for injustice and corruption that happened around us, let us also forget not all the good things that God has blessed our country through the previous government. Our PM needs our support, especially at this critical moment. No point pouring cold water on a shivering person, that's what i think. Definitely not from political point of view =)

Ish... too bad i couldn't vote this time. I'm only a year younger anyway.

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