Monday, February 4, 2008

Should I dream again?

I would have chosen an easier, or better path if I never held on to my dream many many yesterdays ago. If I have never overestimated myself, if I have never dared to take the risk.

Time changes. Things change. People change.

The dream that i'm having now... Is it new? Or has it always been within me, waiting to be acknowledged?

Is it possible? Or is it another foolish fanstasy?

Would it last? Or would it fleet as my old dream has?

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Kay Jin said...

Some old sayings that I've heard which go something like this:
"Follow the stars of your dreams, though we may take longer to reach them, at least they first chart our paths"

"Aim for the stars, though we may not reach them, when we fall, at least we fall in the clouds"

Blessed Chinese New Year to you and your family :)