Friday, February 8, 2008

God, pls save my grandpa!

I'm in a place that a chinese would less likely to be in during this CNY season... hospital.

My grandpa is admitted to hospital the day before CNY. He was diagnosed to have lung cancer about half year ago, and his condition got worsened recently. Being a stubborn old man he refused to be sent to hospital, untill that night, when he really couldn't stand it anymore.

I wasn't very close with my grandpa, yet my heart ache to see him like that. He's struggling to breathe, giving out a lots of phlegms. His taste buds is not functioning well anymore, even a tasteless bowl of porridge is bitter to him, and he could hardly eat. He's only on glucose yesterday, today he needs the nutrient package already...

Besides all the physical pain he bear, i know he bear more emotional struggles in him. Imagine a strong man that cycle his Rojak stall all around Penang island, now bedridden, a strict father that brings up a family of five children, now have to be dependant on them, an arrogant atheist that insists that human snuffs out like a candle blown after death, now having death so near himself.

So, pls pls pls... Pray for him... less pain and open heart...

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