Monday, February 11, 2008

leaving behind, going ahead

The one-week break has come to an end finally!

Well, I certainly enjoy my holiday here. Though i've always complain abt my struggles here, I guess home is still home. The quality time i've spent with my family, it's just invaluable.

Just a quick update on what i think i'm leaving behind and what's laying ahead of me...

What i'm leaving behind...
My comfort. Well, that includes my air-conditioned room, free, accessible internet connection which is a luxury in college, My car, My dog, My piano... Oh, and my beloved Bukit No.3!

My family. As my dad resigned from his work beginning of this year, i know that it's not going to be an easy year for all of us in the family. Even during the holiday, i can feel the difference due to the financial constraint. We starts to visit mamak stall more often instead of those big stalls, and we travel less as to save petrol. Maybe i'll try to get some part time job in kl la... Yet, i really thank God many other things turn better, like my dad's health and our relationships as a family. let's pray that God will provide as my dad started his own business in providing transport service.

My grandpa. Yes, he's still in the hospital and don't seems to be getting well. Currently dependent on medication, his conditions is going up and down. That'll also be an regular prayer item for me as i'm going back to KL.

and what's laying ahead
Study! Labs, assignments, tests... Going to have two tests this week! As the breaks ends, it also means that i'm in my 2nd cycle of the sem, which also mean that i'll be having lab everyday! It's going to be heavy... I need lots of strength for it!

Easter Musical. I would say that this is one thing that i'm most excited for and looking forward too. But, it doesn't mean that it's going to be easy. If you know our Art director well, then you would understand it better*ahem* haha. Well, we all want the best for the play and for our efforts to touch lives.

PKV. Serving as an EXCO means that i need to be extra sensitive to everything that's happening in PKV and to PKV-ians. So far, I didn't do it without a struggle. With all the commitments i have, sometime i am tempted to stay in my portfolio, which more technical in nature and not giving extra effort to care for the people around me. I don't want to see myself merely doing paperworks and attending EXCO meeting, though i can, no point doing so. But relationships...*sigh* It's not as easy as it is said.
Being a committee also means that a mandate from God is given to make sure that PKV moves on holistically, leaving behind good things to our next generation. Initiate good efforts and pass on what we inherited. So, yah, as i've said, i have to be extra sensitive towards God's leading, to people and things around me.

Combining all that i've said, u guys should have an idea of what my life is going to be like, rite? This will probably stay as my last post for a very long while. So, best wishes to all of u! :)

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