Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Family trip at KL

Well it was like the happiest moment for me! I've survived after a week of report-rushing, and my parents is coming down to KL to meet me! So i stayed up late packing my stuff (cos i was too tired and hence tidur straight-straight after i came back from the library giving some help to my visually disabled friend) and wake up really early to meet them. And yup, it was indeed great joy seeing them after being away from home for months.

We went straight to KL sentral to catch the bus to Genting. And guess what's the first thing we do after we get into the bus? Take picture la... hehe

This is me and my sis(with her trademark pose). Notice that both of us are wearing purple!:)

And this is mum and dad. Can u see the shadow of me in them?

We reached the top, went in to the theme park to walk around and enjoy the nice breeze. My parents dun wanna play any of them 'heart-attacking' game cos they say they're too old for it. My sis wasn't really into this kind of activities. I was the only one interested and i don't wanna go alone! So, we ended up walking more than playing. *sigh so the moral of the story is: Travel as much as u can while u're still young!

Oh well, at least we went for the caterpillar monorail(which enabled us to take lotsa nice picture of the scenery), the dinosouarland and the mine ride, which is the milder and shorter version of roller coaster. And we had great time chatting away in a nice weather:)

The second day was sunday so we went to my KL church, SIBKL. There were kinda miscommunication in the morning becos i woke up late. My mum thought i dun wan go church di. But i thought they're all dressing up for church. And it was late and my sis prefer not going to church but take our own sweet time. So it's like bla bla bla... Eventually we went to church too, missing out the worship.

Lunch wasn't very pleasant too. I brought them to SS2 for some chinese food. But all the makan places are either very packed or kinda hot. My sis wanted Delifrance, cos she never likes Chinese food. My dad don't want Delifrance, cos he never likes Western cuisine. So we ended up in the Sky Cafe, where u can get both Asian and Western cuisine. Thought they'll be happy then, but they complained that the food sucks! What to do, Penangites are fussy abt food. argh...

I was like, why is there some many different ideas in one family? But i guess that always happened, and that's when the family value comes in. Everyone need to learn to give and take, to keep the family together.

Anyway, we went to shopping@ 1 Utama. I bought a black fluffy skirt and two speghetti tops! hehe. My sis manage to get her sweater too:)

The third day we decided to walk around the town area of KL. So we went to Dataran Merdeka, imagining the historical day when Tunku shouted the seven times 'Merdeka', which apparently none of us were the eye witness.

Then we set off to the Tugu Negara, where i was so drawn back to the logo of the recent 'Freedom Film Festival' i've attend. Will we fight for the right things for our country, as our forefathers have fought?

Well by then it was time to go home. The journey took more than 6 hours! Omg.. nevertheless we reached home safe and sound. and yup, i'm currently back at home. And the end of the trip should indicate that it's time for me to study for my finals :)

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