Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Despite struggling

Well just some sayings that i came across yesterday after i wrote my depressing post. God has been good.

'The idea behind "Talentime": That as humans, we have to go through a lot of pain and some measure of suffering before we can reach greater heights. Some might say this somewhat echoes the principles behind THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS. But more accurately, the idea really comes from my own observations that some of the best moments in my life were those moments where I failed, or had my heart broken. Why? Because those were the moments that have shaped me, made me a better person today, and helped me attain my highest achievements.' -Yasmin Ahmad

My friend Jason, unintentionally told me the story of the main character in the movie Big fish, who always thinks that he's a big fish in a small aquarium and that he's meant for sthg bigger. But when he got out to the big ocean, he started to feel that perhaps the ocean is too big for him. Yet again, an ocean wouldn't be an ocean without all these little fishes like him, he's indeed part of the big flow. The moral of the story is, let us enjoy our small aquarium and make the best out of it while we're still 'stuck' in it. God's willing, there'll be time for us to move out to the big ocean. Perhaps that time, we'll start missing our small aquarium.

Well, it left me no choice, i'll choose to trust Him, my loving Father in Heaven who holds my future, with my future.

Despite struggling.

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