Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Last Sunday, Couz, the college and university zone of my church was on duty for the newly launched programme called Igniters. Well what we have to do was pretty simple. Each of us hold up a smiley face’s playcard J and distribute ourselves to different station in the carpark and the church lobby. When we saw people walking in to the sanctuary, we’ll wave the smiley face at them and greet them. I think it is a good ministry because the ushers are already very busy on the upstairs at the sanctuary entrance distributing the bulletins and escorting the newcomers, while the traffic marshals are also very busy directing the traffic and making sure everyone is safe. It is good that there are people who weren’t with other responsibility to be there greeting, welcoming and bring some cheers. As simple as it is, I think many are blessed. Almost all can’t resist the warm atmosphere and put a grin on their face. One lady exclaimed as I greeted her, ‘What a good way to start a Sunday!’

Oh yes it is. In fact, while I try to make their days, I think they made mine most.

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