Thursday, September 6, 2007

A zest for life


After letting this blog dormant for such a long time, finally i'm posting my first entry here! What a historical day... :)

Let's me talk a bit abt my blog title. I was eating 'Chipster' u see... and it was in the ads: " ..enjoy the zesty flavor..*and so on" and i thought it was a cool word that starts with Z.

But what is my zest for? I questioned myself. Everybody have a passion. Some are specific and determined, some perhaps less. I admires those people that are sure abt what they want in life, and are dare to declare and pursue it.

I call myself a dreamer. I dream a lot, I want to accomplish many things. To some point, I'm over confidence and lost my focus.

So, i guess, my ultimate zest is LIFE. My own life, and the life of others.

Hope u can feel my zest thru this blog:)

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