Sunday, December 21, 2008

Event, happenings, and home

Went for MPO Lord of the Ring Symphony Concert last nite. Ben would tell you how overwhelmed he felt about gathering such a big crowd to attend the event and having 90 tickets booked under his name(first time in his life!). Shannon has an amazing record of roping more than 30 people in. Well i had my small little success too. Called along a bunch of frens. Saja saja over the lunch table. Some of them called along their frens. And i didn't notice that they're all guys untill the day itself. Thus i was called the 'tai ka cheh' (big sis) of the gang :)

The concert was GREAT.

Bus to home was at 7.30 am this morning.
Got up at 5.30am.
Last round of packing and shifting.
Breakfast, and reached the station on time.
and yet i MISSED the bus!!!

There were three of us in the company, we waited at the front of the building, but none of us saw the bus leaving. No honks. No calling from the bus attendent.

Nothing else can be done. So we gotta get new bus tickets from Pudu. In between we waited at McD for an hour and more.

I really thank God for Luke. for the accompaniment and also for being such a gentleman to carry my luggage around (I only realize at later of the day that it is really heavy!).


Reaching home finally feels good.

First thing that make me happy is to see the christmas deco on the door, especially after hearing that my parents do not have any intention to have elaborated Christmas celebration this year. For the young and the old, the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor, those in good times or bad times; Christmas is here!

Hershey looked so happy to see me. I was certainly thrilled to see her again! She's looking more fluffy now, and have apparently enjoying her new Garden-lifestyle.

Shifting in to my new house allows me to have a bigger bed and a room with more privacy. I have only spent a few nights here the last time i came back for the house shifting. It's good that it's left neatly, untouched, if not somebody would have gotten scoldings from me! :P

Curry mee, Hokkien mee, Dad's coffee and sweet potato's soup, Him Heang's tau sar pheah and muruku for lunch.

Long chat with my mum, catching up and updating.

Dinner at our family favourite place :D

Pick up Chern Chern. He has grown so much!

Play my piano. Was just trying to get my fingers moving and get some vivace rush. Ah, that's what most Baroque pieces can offer.

And the day has ended. Simple and Sweet.

oh by the way i received a lovely Christmas gift today. A very thoughtful and heartwarming one in my opinion. Thanks :)

(u might want to know that blue and silver is my personal Christmas code. Yes, definitely not green and red. And yes, even more than purple)


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