Friday, April 18, 2008


Not that i'm quoting Kaun... (in case he thinks that he's patented the word), but it was exactly how i felt about it, still missing every bits of it till now, the draining, boring study week...

Ok, ok... excluding the gruesome (as rachael described it) waterfall trip :P

Things will never be the same with the absence of anyone of us. Imagine how things will be without all the 'I's around who makes a buzz out of everything, if we do not have the marrigeable sisters who prepare us food, if we do not have our adventurous brothers whom invented CPR special, if i don't have my dear diving kaki RachelC. And imagine how chaotic it would be if we do not have our ever steady ever calm president Adelene.

And we won't able to have those fun that we had if God didn't provide us with those food from the 'wild', if the diving platform wasn't built, if the lights weren't out at one, if the adorable puppies weren't there, and we would not have to sit thru sessions and crack our head as to fulfill the main reason we were there - plan for PKV.

btw, CPR stands for Committee Planning Retreat, in case u think otherwise and are blurred for the past 1 minute :P

I'm just amazed how God put things together and bring different sorts of people together. At the end of it, i think it is best summarized by the very 'fruit' of the CPR - 'Coming together, building each other'

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