Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It's been a month since i return to uni for my new semester.

Remembering the eagerness i had to be back here, to be release from the stress i've taken in from my family.

Remembering the first phone conversation i had with my mum for this semester. I was so grateful that i've been treated 3 times in my first week here! It isn't the food nor the money that matters, but the way God speaks of His love and presence thru these incident.

Remembering the decision i've made when i shared my frustration and dissappointment towards God to my dear friend Kim Cheng, that i'm going to trust God in giving me the best in life.

Remembering all the good news i heard from my mum abt my family condition, and the moments after every phone calls that i utter a prayer of thankfulness.

Remembering the new friends i made, old friends i catched up, and the usual meet-up friends that i've got closer with in this month.

Remembering the offer i got from the Easter art director. Something that i wanted to do for so long and so badly! An opportunities to be stretched, polished and to dig into myself for something that i believe it's always there.

Of cos, not forgetting the challenge that lays ahead: 20 credit hours, 4 labs a week after the mid-sem break, the fear of not being able to do well in studies, responsibilities as PKV exco, the worries for my accomodation next semester and many more!

Well, life's indeed full of ups and downs. It's the mindset that makes things different. It's faith that makes things possible!


Kay Jin said...

Hi Ivy! Thanks for dropping by my blog and now I'm just dropping by too. You have quite a nice blog youtself! Take care and have a good Chinese New Year ahead! God bless and keep your blog posts coming! =)

Sandra said...

that's lot of memories yah... miss u